How to Make a Paper Snowflake

The holiday season is upon us! Whether or not you live in a country that’s cold this time of year, snow is forever linked to Christmas because of the many Christmas carols and movies of Santa Claus in the North Pole. Paper snowflakes, hanging from the ceiling or taped onto windows, are a common sight!

Have you ever made paper snowflakes with your students or children? I remember doing this activity in class every year as an elementary school student, and I’ve also done this craft many times with my students. It’s a fun, easy way to decorate a home or classroom for Christmas, and because of the listening involved (following instructions), it can be educational, too.

Print out the handout (optional) and read the instructions out loud as your students follow along (more…)


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This lesson teaches children how to follow instructions as they have fun drawing. Sprout English has 15 lessons like this one in the Project Depot.There are two ways to present this lesson: Listen and Draw or Read and Draw. (more…)