School – Listening, Reading & Drawing Activity

Drawing is a great creative outlet. Kids love our drawing activities, and you will too—they combine drawing and coloring with speaking, listening, vocabulary, reading, or writing skills.

Our School project has two activities to try. Choose either the Listen & Draw or Read & Draw activity depending on which skill you want to focus on. Or try them both on different days (but be aware that the instructions to follow are the same for both activities). If you want to focus on pronunciation, pair up students and have one student read out the instructions while the other draws, then switch roles.

This activity is great as a warm-up, filler, cool-down, or homework task. Follow up by having students color in the image and by trying related activities like Back to School – Find the Objects and A Day at School – Writing Activity.

Find this lesson in the Project Depot – Drawing.

Sprout English has 40 fun drawing, writing, and photography activities on popular topics in the Project Depot. Try them all!

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