Reviewing Numbers: The One & Only Fun Game

My daughter recently complained about how boring French class is. When I asked what was boring about it, she said they were reviewing numbers—again. The boring part about reviewing numbers is that they can all already count to one million in French. Really?

The One & Only Fun Game

Unfortunately, though many kids don’t realize it, not all students learn languages at the same pace. Fortunately, when you bring fun into the class, students who don’t feel like they need the review will still be interested in participating and will undoubtedly benefit. (more…)

Numbers: Phonics Lesson

Are your young learners learning to count? The Numbers lesson in our Phonics Cafe section gives students fun, engaging practice with both the numerical and spelled-out forms of the letters one to ten.

This seven-page phonics lesson begins by presenting the numerical and written forms of the numbers one to ten. This is followed by a variety of activities that will get your students reading, counting, and coloring. (more…)

Telling Time

What time is it? Telling time is an important skill, and our new Word Bank lesson makes it easy to learn!

Our Telling Time lesson includes a picture dictionary with 13 common clock settings, a matchup, a word choice, and a spelling bee. We’ve made sure that this lesson includes the different, common ways of saying and writing the time (in numerical and alphabetical forms—e.g., 4:10, four ten, or ten after four). The variety and repetition of these exercises will ensure your young learners get plenty of practice without getting bored! Discussion questions at the end allow your students to practice talking about clock time in context. (more…)