Numbers: Phonics Lesson

Are your young learners learning to count? The Numbers lesson in our Phonics Cafe section gives students fun, engaging practice with both the numerical and spelled-out forms of the letters one to ten.

This seven-page phonics lesson begins by presenting the numerical and written forms of the numbers one to ten. This is followed by a variety of activities that will get your students reading, counting, and coloring. You can easily incorporate speaking and pronunciation by pairing up students for some of the exercises. The article “a” is also introduced as a natural alternative for “one.” The lesson ends with a code-breaker activity where students will demonstrate their understanding of the numerical and spelled-out versions of these numbers.

Check out Reviewing Numbers: The One & Only Fun Game, Tara’s fun numbers activity you can do with your young learners for practice. More advanced students might benefit from the Saying & Writing Fractions in English post on our sister site.

Find this lesson in the Phonics Cafe – Book 3.

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