Three-Letter Words

Sprout English’s lesson of the week is Three-Letter Words Review in Book 3 of the Phonics Cafe.

There are 18 pages in this comprehensive phonics and spelling lesson. With so many pages to choose from, teachers have the option doing them all in one lesson or dividing them up over a few days. If you choose to divide up the lesson, try doing a fun activity such as the Word Search Puzzle on page 3 as a warm-up, and assign a writing exercise such as page 17 for homework. You can also use page 18 as a quiz.

There is a huge variety of activities and fun illustrations in this lesson, so your young learners will stay engaged and focused! Activities include printing/spelling practice for words and sentences, a word search, a picture matchup, minimal pairs, coloring, a reading/speaking exercise, likes/dislikes, introducing yourself, and a final review.

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Find this lesson in the Phonics Cafe – Book 3.


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