Andy’s Goals: Reading Lesson

Many students and teachers are heading back to school, so it’s a great time to discuss goals in class! Our Spotlight lesson this week is on Andy and his goals.

As a warm-up to this lesson, have your students discuss their personal and academic goals for the new school year. They will naturally use the simple future to discuss their goals before doing the grammar practice in the lesson. For tips and ideas (for teachers or parents), see Are You Going to Set Back-to-School Goals with Your Kids?

Did you know our Library lessons are available in both print and digital versions? This Simple Future Stories lesson includes a short reading (audio included), comprehension questions, a crossword puzzle, and two grammar exercises on be going to + verb and want + infinitive verb. Now is a great time to expand on the simple future verb tense—try some of the related resources in the list below!

You could also wrap up this lesson with a discussion on travel. Where did your young learners go during their summer vacations? Where do they want to go in the future? Have them discuss and/or write down their travel goals in pairs or small groups.


Find this lesson in the Library – Simple Future Stories.


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