#ELT Ideas: Games, Activities, and Tips for Teaching English to Young Learners

Sprout English has been growing for over a year now!

As a materials writer who contributes to various Red River Press publications, including Sprout English (previously English Avenue) and ESL Library, I was excited about the opportunity to blog with the Sprout team. I have been blogging in the field of ELT for many years both personally and professionally. Here are a few reasons why Sprout English has been my favorite place to blog so far!

  • It’s beautiful! The clean design and gorgeous illustrations make it a pleasure to blog here. I love looking at the finished product. Thanks, Robyn!
  • It’s organized! Sprout’s editor Tanya Trusler has the blog team working on a handy, theme- and grammar-based schedule. Each post connects with a featured lesson in our Spotlight section.
  • It’s useful! Many of our posts offer free, professionally designed worksheets to go with our suggested activities. The blog allows teachers to get a feel for the quality-based materials that Sprout English offers to subscribers.

A Collection of #ELT Ideas

In celebration of a year of blogging, Tanya and I are putting together a few collections to make it easier for all of us to find useful posts based on themes, topics, and grammar points. Each individual post links to a related lesson or review. While most of Tanya’s posts offer lesson features, grammar tips, and bonus review worksheets, my posts typically offer activity extensions such as games, crafts, and creative writing activities. Shelly Terrell blogs with us regularly, too. Her posts typically focus on teaching tools and technology.

We hope you’ll bookmark our collections and visit regularly. If you’re a blogger, don’t miss the
#ELT Idea challenge at the end of this post.

Art and Music

Tips and Ideas for Teachers

Back to School / Year End

Tips and Ideas for ESL Parents

Grammar Games and Activities

Using Technology and Video

Writing Activities

Holidays and Events

#ELT Ideas Challenge

Are you an #ELT blogger? I’d like to challenge other #ELT bloggers to go through their archives and create a list of their own #ELT Ideas. Share your post with me on Twitter @tarabenwell, so that I can share it around! And please join me in using the hashtag #ELTidea. While #ELT is a useful hashtag, some of the more useful hashtags in our industry are a bit more specific (e.g., #ELTpics, #ELTChat, #ESP, #EAP, and even #grammar). I’m going to start using #ELTidea on Twitter and other social media platforms to share games, warm-ups, and authentic resources that ELTs may want to try using in class.

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Tara Benwell

Tara Benwell is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in materials and articles for the ELT industry. She is the media director and head writer for ESL-Library, and a contributor to its sister site Sprout English. Tara is the author of an iPad storybook series for kids called Happy Campers Books. Her debut novel, The Proper Order of Things is available on Amazon and in the iBookstore.

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