Prepositions of Direction

The city is a big place, and explaining the location of a building and how to get to it can seem quite challenging to English learners. Our new Prepositions of Direction lesson makes it easier with picture dictionaries, maps, and lots of practice exercises.

This 12-page lesson starts off with a helpful picture dictionary that shows students what each preposition means. A second picture dictionary reviews vocabulary for places and buildings that are common in a city. Next, grammar notes provide helpful tips. A variety of exercises gives your learners plenty of practice with prepositions of place and direction, including matchup, fill-in-the-blanks, and listen & draw tasks.

This lesson is divided into two sections: prepositions of direction and giving directions. The second portion includes scrambled sentences and dialogues. The dialogues are based on a map and provide examples of asking for and giving directions. Students then write their own dialogues to practice.

If your learners find the lesson too challenging, you can omit the giving directions portion. If they complete both portions, there is a final review exercise that you could assign for homework or do as a quiz in class.

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