Giraffe: Drawing Activity

Drawing is a great creative outlet. Kids love our drawing activities, and you will too—they combine drawing and coloring with speaking, listening, vocabulary, reading, or writing skills. (more…)


What do your young learners like to do in their free time? Our NEW Hobbies lesson introduces students to vocabulary they can use to describe common hobbies and leisure activities. (more…)

Hotel – Listening/Reading/Drawing Activity

Kids love getting creative! Give them a chance to draw while developing their listening, reading, and vocabulary skills with our Hotel activity.

You can present this lesson as a Listen and Draw or Read and Draw activity. Both ways teach students how to follow instructions while they have fun! Sprout English has 15 drawing activities in our Project Depot, so you can alternate the way in which you present them. (more…)


Most kids around the world are coming back to school from Christmas holidays this week or next week. Ease them back into study mode with Sprout English‘s simple and fun lesson of the week: Castle in the Project Depot!

This lesson teaches children how to follow instructions as they have fun drawing. Sprout English has 15 lessons like this one in the Project Depot.There are two ways to present this lesson: Listen and Draw or Read and Draw. (more…)

25+ Apps and Tools to Create Colorful Learning Experiences for Children

“Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.”  ~ Al Hirschfeld

When I first began teaching children, I rarely used coloring activities, because some parents and teachers do not think it is a valuable way to learn a language. However, children love to color and draw. Throughout the years, I have found it to be a valuable teaching technique with many benefits. Children develop motor skills and learn about patterns, symmetry, etc. Coloring also helps children imagine and visualize a context for new vocabulary. Additionally, coloring helps teachers manage classroom behavior. Children need sit down and rest activities after a game or dancing and coloring activities are perfect to create a balance. Below are a few free tools and ideas to make sure your coloring activities provide meaningful language learning.  (more…)

Draw and Describe: Monsters

Young learners love to draw creatures such as monster or aliens. If you celebrate Halloween at your school, your classroom walls should be filling up with scary, creepy, and silly creatures by now. Here’s a fun activity to get your students into the Halloween spirit. It will also help your students practice listening, speaking, and giving instructions. You don’t have to tell your little monsters that they are also learning prepositions of place!

My Monster
1. Invite all of your students to draw a colorful monster or alien on a blank sheet of paper. They shouldn’t show any of their classmates. (Have them open up a big book around their drawing to make a little secret cave as they draw.) Tell your students they should use as much detail as possible. (See vocab list below.) If you have some spooky music, play it while the kids draw. The “Monster Mash” is a fun song to put on. If you want to speed up the drawing portion of this activity, tell students they have to put their crayons or markers down as soon as the music ends.

Your Monster (more…)