It’s Baseball Season – Simple Present Tense Listening Activity

Are your students as excited about spring training as I am? The Blue Jays had a fantastic season last year, and like many Canadians, I jumped on the baseball bandwagon.

Baseball is a great theme for English class, because many kids are familiar with this sport. At this time of year, kids love to play baseball and follow professional baseball. Why not teach them some related vocabulary while introducing or reviewing the Simple Present Tense?

Sprout English’s featured Baseball lesson is perfect for baseball season. After you use this ready-made lesson, try this follow-up listening activity recorded by a nine-year-old Canadian baseball player. Then challenge your students to write and record their own story about their own team or hobby.

Listening Activity

Play the recording of It’s Baseball Season in class, or have your students listen to it for homework.

It’s Baseball Season

Hello. I am Joey. I am nine years old. I live in Ontario, Canada. I am a baseball player. My baseball team is the Toronto Tigers. I am the pitcher. I wear number eight. Eight is my lucky number.

I start baseball in May. I have a glove, a ball, and a cap. I need new baseball cleats. My coach has the bats and bases. We play at baseball fields around Toronto.

My favourite professional baseball team is the Toronto Blue Jays. My favourite baseball player is José Bautista. My teacher and school friends call me Joey Bats. That is Bautista’s nickname, too.

Let’s go Blue Jays!

Vocabulary Review

Are your students familiar with the following baseball vocabulary? You can challenge your students to spell and pronounce the following vocabulary correctly.

  • player
  • coach
  • team
  • glove
  • ball
  • bat
  • cap
  • cleats
  • base
  • field


Here are some questions you can ask your students after they listen to the story.

1. What is the baseball player’s name?
2. What is the name of this player’s team?
3. What number does this baseball player wear, and why?
4. What position does this player play on his team?
5. Where does this player play baseball?
6. When does baseball season start for this player?
7. What equipment does this player need for this season?
8. What does the baseball coach supply?
9. What is this player’s favourite baseball team?
10. What is this player’s nickname, and why?

1. The baseball player’s name is Joey.
2. The name of his team is the Toronto Tigers.
3. This player wears number eight because it is his lucky number.
4. He is the pitcher.
5. He plays baseball on baseball fields around Toronto.
6. Baseball season starts in May.
7. He needs new baseball cleats.
8. The coach supplies bats and bases.
9. His favourite team is the Toronto Blue Jays.
10. His nickname is Joey Bats. This is José Bautista’s nickname.

Follow-Up Writing and Speaking Practice

Invite your students to talk about their own teams or clubs. Encourage them to use the simple present tense to describe a hobby or sport that they participate in. Now challenge them to write a transcript and record their story. They can also try to write comprehension questions.


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