The Classroom: Vocabulary Lesson

Are you heading back to school this week? We’ve created a new lesson on Classroom Vocabulary to help your young learners feel more comfortable in class!

In this Word Bank lesson, students will learn the spelling and pronunciation of common objects in the classroom. They will practice this vocabulary through several fun, colorful activities, including a picture dictionary, matchup, word choice, word search, word scramble, and spelling bee. This lesson finishes up with discussion questions so that your students can practice using the vocab in context. You could choose to put students in pairs or groups for most of these activities—the more they get to know each other, the more comfortable they will feel! (more…)

Vocabulary Baseball Game

Are you looking for fun ways to review vocabulary? This vocabulary game can be played with all ages and levels. It may last a whole week or just 15 minutes. Keep score as your students work through nine innings. Unlike real baseball, no equipment (and no running) is necessary! (more…)

Back to School – Find the Objects

This week’s Spotlight lesson is Back to School – Find the Objects. Kids are back to school this week in many countries, and we think this worksheet is a fun way to go over basic classroom vocabulary!

Have your young learners match the objects in the drawing to the vocabulary words. Being able to visualize the vocabulary on paper as they learn it should help them remember new words. Once they’ve finished matching the vocab, you can correct it as a class and demonstrate the pronunciation of the words. Then your kids can color the picture for fun! A good follow-up activity would be to have them walk around the class in pairs, saying each vocabulary word out loud as they find the object in the classroom. You could also have them explain what each object is used for. (more…)