Simple Past Grammar Lesson

The simple past is a fundamental building block of English grammar that young learners should learn early on. We’ve recently developed a third version of our popular Simple Past lesson with more explanations, illustrations, and engaging exercises! (more…)

Simple Present

English language learners of all levels need the present tense to communicate effectively. Our NEW Simple Present lesson allows lower-level students to learn and practice this common verb tense in a fun and engaging way. The daily routines theme is something all learners can relate to! (more…)

Act It Out: Present Progressive Practice

What’s your favorite way of practicing the present progressive (present continuous)? I’ve tried many methods, from describing pictures or movies to guessing games, but my favorite activity involves acting. I like it because it’s easy to prepare and lots of fun for my students. Our Spotlight lesson on Sprout English this week was Riding the Train: Present Progressive Reading, so I thought it was a great time to share this activity with you. I also had our designer whip up some verb cards so you wouldn’t have to make your own. Feel free to print them out when you try this activity! There is also a blank page of cards for you to add other verbs (or get your students to make their own verb cards). Enjoy!

Verb Cards (more…)

Present Perfect

Have you ever studied the present perfect tense? We’re excited to promote our NEW lesson on the Present Perfect! We included grammar tips and charts to make this tense easy to teach and learn. We also included both functions of the present perfect along with exercises that compare it to the simple past. The Travel theme makes this lesson fun and relevant! (more…)

3 Fun Ways to Use Irregular Verb Cards

Our Spotlight lesson this week was our Simple Past grammar lesson. When it comes to learning the simple past, students rejoice at the lack of subject-verb conjugation. Unlike the simple present, where students must add an -s to the end of third person singular subjects, the simple past has only one form for all subjects. There’s more good news when English language learners realize they must only add -ed to the end of the base verb to form the simple past for regular verbs.

However, irregular verbs can pose a problem for learners. How do they memorize all the various endings and changes that irregular past tense verbs take? Repetition is key, and if teachers can make it fun, students are more likely to want to practice! (more…)

50+ Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation Resources for Teaching Young ELLs

Time flies when you’re having fun! When you enjoy blogging about grammar, teaching, and the English language as much as I do, a year of weekly blog posts goes by just like that! Our goal at Sprout English has always been to provide quality educational materials to English teachers and students, and my personal wish is that teachers and students will continue to learn from and use our free blog materials. We love helping young learners grow their English skills!

I thought it would be helpful to organize all the articles I’ve written so far into a list that’s easily accessible. (Some articles are included twice if they belong to more than one category.) I hope you find this resource list useful! (more…)

Simple Present Vs. Present Progressive – Grammar Worksheet

Students learn the simple present and present progressive verb tenses early on in their English language studies. The problem is that most textbooks don’t present these tenses together! It’s easy enough to remember the conjugation of one tense and practice it over and over. It’s quite another when both tenses appear in the same context—that’s when students really have to understand the differences in order to use the correct tense. Our Spotlight lesson this week, Pako – Simple Present / Present Progressive Reading, uses both tenses in the story so that students can see them compared and contrasted.

We’ve got many resources to help your learners figure out the differences between these tenses. Go over our free, printable grammar chart on the simple present vs. present progressive with your students, then print out the worksheet below and see how they do. If they are still confused, try some of our other resources at the end of this post!

Download the grammar worksheet PDF (more…)