Fruit Salad – Vocabulary Game for YL

Have you tried this week’s Spotlight lesson on Fruit? In this Word Bank lesson, your young learners will review and practice the English words for some of the most common types of fruit. After you try this lesson, you can review these words with an active vocabulary game that is often played in ESL classrooms. (more…)

Bird, Bird, Worm: Pronunciation Game

Are your YLs learning to distinguish between closely related sounds? In the Spotlight this week, we’re featuring our Phonics lesson on ir, er, ur, and or. Words with these letters can be difficult for learners to pronounce and write because they look different but sound the same.

One fun way to practice commonly confused sounds and spellings is to play an adaptation of Duck, Duck, Goose. We’ll call it Bird, Bird, Worm to start, but you can change the name of the game to whatever word pair you’re working on. (more…)

Family Speed Game

Ready, Set, Guess!

Have your young English learners studied family vocabulary yet? Sprout English has two new lessons on the family: Family Vocabulary in the Word Bank and Subject & Object Pronouns in the Grammar School. After your students have learned basic family vocabulary, challenge them to this fun, fast activity!

Family Speed Game is one of my favorite ways to practice family vocabulary. My students love the competition that this brain-teaser activity provides! (more…)

Guess the World’s Weather Game

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”
—Anthony J. D’Angelo

This week we are featuring Sprout English’s NEW Word Bank lesson on Weather and Seasons. After you teach your students weather-related vocabulary and expressions, you’ll need to find some fun ways to practice.

This past weekend in my city it was hot, humid, sunny, rainy, windy, mild, and cold (with a chance of frost!). Fortunately, not every weekend is so variable, though it is handy for reviewing the weather. To practice all types of weather, your class will probably need to take a trip around the world!

Here is a fun weather game to play with English language learners of any age. (more…)

Vocabulary Baseball Game

Are you looking for fun ways to review vocabulary? This vocabulary game can be played with all ages and levels. It may last a whole week or just 15 minutes. Keep score as your students work through nine innings. Unlike real baseball, no equipment (and no running) is necessary! (more…)

Shopping Week: Practicing Articles

My preschool-aged nephew got a pop-up play tent for Christmas in the shape of a VW camper van. We play in the camper every time I’m visiting, and I think every primary classroom should have one!

My nephew’s favorite game is shopping at the toy store! He loves to collect items from his basement and load them into the back of his camper. Does he realize he’s practicing articles when I ask him what he bought? Of course not!

Here’s a fun activity to play with young learners in the classroom (even if you don’t have a camper tent). They’ll never know they’re practicing definite and indefinite articles. Be sure to try Sprout English’s NEW lesson on Articles first! We also have a handy Articles chart and bonus exercise on our blog. (more…)

Alphabet Name Game

This week’s Spotlight lesson is Alphabet Review from our Phonics Cafe – Book 2 section. Young English language learners will find 23 pages of printing practice for uppercase and lowercase letters, along with fun illustrations and exercises. After reviewing the alphabet on paper, why not try some oral practice with your students? The following activity is a simple one, but one I use again and again with my students because of the specific letter-sound focus. The instructions below tell you how to play with country names, but you can easily change the theme to suit whatever you’re studying in class (animals, food, etc.). (more…)