Home Sweet Home: Listening & Speaking Activity for Reviewing Prepositions of Place

Have you tried Sprout English’s house-themed Word Bank lessons?

My House
The Bedroom
The Bathroom
The Living Room
The Kitchen

What about our Prepositions of Place and There Is / There Are lessons?
Try some of these lessons before you try this follow-up listening activity: Home Sweet Home.

Listening Activity

Play the recording of Home Sweet Home in class, or have your students listen to it for homework.

Home Sweet Home

I moved into my new home today. It is a one-bedroom house. It has a small front yard and a big backyard with a garden. It has a green door and a blue roof.

My new home has a large main floor. I love my new kitchen. The fridge and stove are stainless steel. The stove is across from the fridge. I keep my microwave, kettle, and toaster on the countertop. I keep my pots and pans in the cabinets under the sink.

The living room is huge. I have space for a couch, a love seat, and a recliner. My coffee table is in front of the couch. The love seat is beneath the window. There is a TV and a painting on the wall.

The bedroom and bathroom are upstairs. My bathroom is tiny. There is only space for a sink, a toilet, and a shower. There is no space for a bathtub, a bathmat, or a towel rack! I keep my shampoo, soap, towels, and toilet paper in a cabinet under the sink. I need a new mirror and some new faucets.

There is only one bedroom in my new house. It is pretty small, but I love it. I have a new comforter, pillow, and blanket on my bed. There is a lamp on my nightstand. I have a small closet to hang my clothes, but I don’t have any hangers yet. I also need curtains for my window.

Home sweet home!

Vocabulary Review

Are your students familiar with the following vocabulary from our house-themed Word Bank lessons? You can challenge your students to sort the vocabulary into categories such as these.

Rooms / Spaces

  • front / backyard
  • garden
  • door
  • roof
  • main floor
  • upstairs (second floor)
  • kitchen
  • living room
  • bedroom
  • bathroom

Built-In Interior

  • door
  • roof
  • wall
  • countertop
  • cabinets
  • sink
  • toilet
  • shower
  • closet
  • window


  • fridge
  • stove
  • microwave
  • kettle
  • toaster

Furnishings & Household Products

  • pot
  • pan
  • TV
  • painting
  • bathmat
  • towel rack
  • bed
  • comforter
  • blanket
  • pillow
  • curtains
  • hangers
  • shampoo
  • soap
  • toilet paper


  • couch
  • love seat
  • recliner
  • coffee table
  • lamp
  • end table
  • nightstand


Here are some questions you can ask your students after they listen to the story.

1. How big is her house?
2. Where is the garden?
3. What is on the main floor?
4. Where does she keep her pots and pans?
5. Describe the bathroom.
6. What is on the bed?
7. What does she need to buy for her new home?

1. Her house has a big main floor and a small second floor. It has a small front yard and a big backyard.
2. The garden is in the backyard.
3. There is a living room and a kitchen on the main floor.
4. She keeps her pots and pans in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.
5. The bathroom is tiny. There is only a toilet, a shower, and a sink with a cabinet underneath.
6. There is a new comforter, blanket, and pillow on the bed.
7. She needs to buy a mirror, faucets, hangers, and curtains.

Speaking Practice

Invite your students to talk about their own homes (or dream homes). Encourage them to use vocabulary that they learned in the lessons above. They can write a transcript or speak naturally without writing anything down. They will naturally use prepositions of place as they give an oral tour. Record your students as they speak, and play it back for them.


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