My House

Students of all levels and ages need some basic vocabulary to describe where they live. Our new Word Bank lesson, My House, is the perfect place to start!

The My House lesson includes a colorful picture dictionary, matchup, word choice, word search, word scramble, and spelling bee. Your learners will learn if swing set, flower box, front yard, and backyard are one or two words. (more…)

10 Ideas for Practicing Telling Time at Home

Practice Telling Time at Home

When it comes to learning about time and clocks, teachers can teach the basics in the classroom. However, the best way for kids to really practice is at home or when they’re on the go in the real world. Involve your kids whenever you’re consulting a clock and they will quickly learn to tell time naturally.

If English is your second language, make sure that you are saying times correctly. Review Tanya’s pronunciation tips, and practice the dialogues below.

Here are 10 ideas for practicing telling time at home. Each idea comes with a model dialogue with useful vocabulary and phrases for ESL parents. (more…)