Simple Past Grammar Lesson

The simple past is a fundamental building block of English grammar that young learners should learn early on. We’ve recently developed a third version of our popular Simple Past lesson with more explanations, illustrations, and engaging exercises! (more…)

Simple Future

There are three ways to express the future tense in English: will, be going to, and the present progressive. We’ve got a NEW grammar lesson on the Simple Future that covers when and how to use the three future forms! (more…)

Ann: Simple Present Reading

A lot of you went back to school recently, and we hope your year is starting off on the right foot! Now is a great time to try this week’s Spotlight lesson on introductions, likes/dislikes, and hobbies. Our Ann: Simple Present Reading lesson is also a great way to introduce or review the simple present verb tense.

Simple Present

English language learners of all levels need the present tense to communicate effectively. Our NEW Simple Present lesson allows lower-level students to learn and practice this common verb tense in a fun and engaging way. The daily routines theme is something all learners can relate to! (more…)

Present Perfect

Have you ever studied the present perfect tense? We’re excited to promote our NEW lesson on the Present Perfect! We included grammar tips and charts to make this tense easy to teach and learn. We also included both functions of the present perfect along with exercises that compare it to the simple past. The Travel theme makes this lesson fun and relevant! (more…)