Cathy and Nate

This week’s Spotlight lesson, Cathy and Nate, includes two stories about young love. Cathy’s story uses the simple present, present progressive, simple past, and simple future tenses in context, while Nate’s story focuses on the modal “must.” (more…)

Marcie’s Dream: Simple Future Reading

Our simple future reading lesson, Marcie’s Dream, features a story that uses the simple present, simple past, past progressive, and simple future tenses in context. Students can see examples of the future with both “will” and “be going to.” This lesson also includes a separate dialogue that focuses on how to express the future with “will.” (more…)

Simple Future

There are three ways to express the future tense in English: will, be going to, and the present progressive. We’ve got a NEW grammar lesson on the Simple Future that covers when and how to use the three future forms! (more…)

I’m in Singapore! Simple Future Reading

This week we’re featuring a simple future reading lesson called I’m in Singapore! This lesson includes three emails between a girl and her parents that use the simple present, simple past, and simple future tenses in context. Your students will hear “will” and “be going to” used naturally as the characters discuss the girl’s travel plans. (more…)

The Test – Simple Future Reading

Getting ready to go back to school? This week’s Spotlight lesson, The Test, features a dialogue between two friends about typical school subject: exams! It’s a great lesson to use at the beginning of a new school year. Students can practice the simple future using be + Ving and be going to + V, both of which are natural to use when planning out goals for the year.

This lesson includes a short reading, comprehension questions, a be going to grammar chart, sentence puzzles, and a group discussion activity.

All of the readings in our Library section have a digital component, so teachers and parents can choose how to present the reading and comprehension questions—either on paper or online!

Sprout English has many simple future resources: (more…)

I’m Going To…

Our lesson of the week is I’m Going To… in the Simple Future Dialogues section of the Conversation Station. This one-page dialogue would be great as a warm-up, filler, or wrap-up to a lesson about the simple future or plans/entertainment. (more…)

Achievements & Records

Have you discussed goals and resolutions for 2014 with your students? One way to lead into a discussion about future goals is to remind your learners of what they’ve already accomplished in the past! Sprout English‘s lesson of the week is Achievements & Records in the Grammar Stories section of the Grammar School. (more…)